Create Your Order

You must be logged in to place an order.
  • Once you are logged into the site, select “Create an Order” from the home page.
  • Enter the FSBD Code or ISBN of the item you would like to add to your order.
Note: If you do not know the FSBD Code or ISBN of the item you wish to order, select "Search the Database" to be directed to the product database search. From here, you may search for an item and add it directly to your order by clicking the checkbox to the left of the title and selecting add item from the bottom of the page. You may add multiple titles at one time.
  • Verify that the title displayed matches your order.
  • Enter the quantity for which you will be charged in the "Quantity Charge" field.
  • Enter the quantity you would like to receive free of charge in the "Quantity Free" field.
Free Materials: Many free materials are available upon request with your order of qualifying student materials. Please refer to our catalogs to determine what is offered and the qualifications for receiving free materials. If you have questions about free materials, please send an email to for assistance.
  • You must enter a value in at least one of the quantity fields.
  • Click "Add Item" to add the item to your order.
  • You may save your changes at any time by selecting "Save".
  • When you have finished adding items to your order, select "Checkout".

Provide Contact Information

  • Enter the Ship To and Bill To information for your order.
  • If you would like to save the Ship To or Bill To address as your default for future use, select the checkbox underneath the address fields.
  • Enter any special instructions you may have in the comment field.
  • When you have completed entering your shipping and billing information, select "Continue."

Select Payment Type

  • Print and mail with district purchase order: Select this option if you are ordering for a Florida Public School or District using a purchase order.
  • Bill my FSBD Account Number: Select this option if you are ordering for a Tax Exempt Florida school with a current FSBD account number.
  • Print and mail with check or money order: Select this option if you are ordering for a Tax Exempt Florida school and including payment. Note: All private and charter schools must have a current Tax Exempt Certificate on file with FSBD.

Select Shipping Option

All orders are shipped by freight carrier or UPS depending on the order weight. An estimate of the cost of shipping will be added to your order when it is created. Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the shipment and the destination zip code. The charges calculated here are considered estimates as FSBD will only bill you what we are charged by our transportation companies – there is never an added handling fee.

Select from the following options to estimate the shipping charges for your order:
  • Include an estimated shipping charge (Preferred Method): An estimated shipping charge will be calculated for you based on the destination and weight of your order.
  • Include flat shipping charge percent: Please select the percent of the total order price to calculate for shipping charges.
  • No estimated shipping charges included

Review & Submit Your Order

Review your order and confirm that all details are correct before submitting your order to FSBD.
  • If you are placing an order with a district purchase order, your order is not yet complete! Please print your order and send to FSBD along with your district purchase order. Note: order cannot be submitted directly to FSBD through this website as the district purchase order must be attached.
  • If you are placing an order with an FSBD Account Number, your order will be complete once submitted to FSBD.
  • If you are placing an order without an FSBD account number please print your order and send to FSBD along with your payment and Tax Exempt Certificate.
Orders may be mailed to FSBD at the following addresses:

Attn: Order Processing
PO Box 6578
Jacksonville, FL 32236
Street Address:
Attn: Order Processing
1125 Ellis Road North
Jacksonville, FL 32254

***Orders may also be scanned and emailed to FSBD at***

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